Building Community Through Bicycling, Commuter and High-Speed Rail



Albert Martin , Deputy Commissioner of Transportation, State of Connecticut

Prior to accepting Governor M. Jodi Rell’s invitation to serve as Deputy Commissioner of Transportation in Connecticut, Mr. Martin served as Director of Transportation for the City of Detroit in an area covering 4 million people.  He also managed a six-county regional public transportation authority

Mr. Martin received a Bachelors degree from Hillsdale College in Hillsdale, Michigan and a Masters from Michigan State University.

Norman Garrick, Director, Center for Transportation and Urban Planning, University of Connecticut; Associate Professor of Civil and Engineering

Mr. Garrick’s fields of specialization include sustainable transportation and urban planning, urban transportation systems, streets and highway design and bicyclists and pedestrian facility design.

Mr. Garrick currently serves on the board of the Center for New Urbanism, a 501-c-3 non-profit, its Emeritus Board includes new urbanist luminaries such as Peter Calthorpe, Andres Duany and Elizabeth Plater-Zybeck.

Mr. Garrick has served as a visiting researcher at the University of California, Davis and Cambridge University, England and as a Fulbright Scholar at University of the West Indies in Mona, Jamaica.

Mr. Garrick received his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering (B.S.C.E.) at University of the West Indies in Trinidad.  He subsequently earned M.S.C.E. and Ph.D. degrees at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana.

George Haikalis, President of Institute for Rational Urban Mobility, Inc., a consortium of advocacy groups - Regional* Rail Working Group, Vision 42 and Auto-Free New York

A civil engineer and transportation planner by trade, Mr. Haikalis’ past experience includes a 19-year stint at Tri-State* Regional Planning Commission, where he served as as Director of Research and at NYC Transit as Director of Revenue Budget and Fare Structure Analysis.

Mr. Haikalis received his B.S.C.E. and M.S.C.E. from Northwestern University in Chicago, Illinois.

* (NY-NJ-CT)

Albert Papp, Jr., National Association of Rail Passengers, Vice-Chair of Legislative Policy and Strategy

Mr. Papp serves as Director, New Jersey Association of Rail Passengers (1994-present) and is the former chair of the Lackawanna Coalition (NJ) a rail advocacy group.

His past employment includes serving as an Economist for Public Service & Electric & Gas Co. in Newark NJ and a Bond Research Analyst & Ratings Officer Moody’s Investor Service,

He served as a officer in the US. Air Force 1966-1970 and was on Active Duty in Iraq during Desert Shield/Desert Storm 1990-1991

Mr. Papp earned B.S. Electrical Engineering from New Jersey Institute of Technology in Newark NJ and an M.B.A from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy NY.

Joe Clift, Regional Rail Working Group

Currently at transportation advocate especially the ARC - Penn Station.

Mr. Clift is a past Director of Planning and Director of Strategic Planning for Long Island Railroad and worked in Operations, Capital & Strategic Planning at Conrail.

Mr. Clift earned a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and Economics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and an MBA at Stanford University

David Kooris, Director, Connecticut Office, Regional Plan Association

Born in Bridgeport, David Kooris is currently managing the urban design aspect of the Downtown Bridgeport Master Plan. At RPA, he has also worked on neighborhood center plans for Glenbrook and Springdale in the City of Stamford.

Mr. Kooris holds a bachelors of arts degree in geography from McGill University, a Master of Arts in City and Regional Planning at University of Pennsylvania and a Master Certificate in Urban Design from PennDesign.

Eugene Colonese, Rail Administrator, Connecticut Department of Transportation

Prior to accepting his current position of Rail Adminstrator in January 2006, Mr. Colonese worked for MTA Metro-North as Deputy Director of Operations Planning Department.  In that role he was responsible for developing schedules for the five Metro-North commuter lines and oversaw trains, equipment and crew planning.  He started his career as a conductor.  Mr. Colonese received a bachelor of arts degree from John Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland.

Michael Piscitelli, AICP, Director, Transportation, Traffic & Parking Department, City of New Haven

Mr. Piscitelli has headed Transportation, Traffic & Parking Department since its inception in 2007.  That department enhances New Haven’s transportation assets into a sustainable, transit-oriented and integrated system, which supports New Haven’s quality of life and economic standing. Previously Mr. Pisicitelli was employed in the planning departments in the City of New Haven, the City of Springfield, MA and MTA Metro-North Railroad. 

Mr. Piscitelli earned a bachelor’s degree at St. Bonaventure University and a master’s degree at the University of Massachusetts

                   2nd Annual National Train Day at New Haven Union Station, Saturday, May 9, 2009
On Saturday May 9, 2009, over 30 celebrated the 140th anniversary of the “Golden spike” (a ceremonial last spike driven by Leland Stanford on May 10, 1869 at Promontory Point, Utah, where Central Pacific and Union Pacific railroads met) on the balcony of the historic beaux arts New Haven Union Station o from 3 to 5:30 p.m.  The forum, billed as National Train Day Connecticut, was hosted by Rail*Trains*Ecology*Cycling.  Two state reps from the Connecticut General Assembly spoke at the forum; so did an educator from the University of Connecticut, 2 state transportation officials, an official representing the City of New Haven and four advocates who discussed the role of rail transportation and bicycling in a more sustainable future.
*Posted to http://www.nationaltrainday.com
*Name of Host: Rail*Trains*Ecology*Cycling
*Date of Event: 05-09-2009
*Start Time of Event: 03:00 PM
*End Time of Event: 05:30 PM
*Event Address: 50 Union Avenue
*Event City: New Haven
*Event State: CT
*Description of Event: A discussion among elected officials, DOT officials and train experts including featured speakers and panel discussions about improving train service in Connecticut and the Northeast Corridor. 
*Contact Person: RIchard Stowe
*Email: bike.rail.politics@gmail.com
Phone: (203) 966-4387
URL: http://www.railtec.orghttp://www.nationalmailto:bike.rail.politics@gmail.comhttp://www.railtec.orgshapeimage_4_link_0shapeimage_4_link_1shapeimage_4_link_2
At the beginning of this video, Norman Garrick, Director at the Center for Transportation and Urban Planning at University of Connecticut, speaks about  transportation investments in Portland, Oregon.  Mr. Garrick gave the keynote address at the National Train Day Connecticut celebration
The video in the upper right features State Representative Pat Dillon, the Assistant Majority Whip, representing New Haven’s 92nd District.  Two panels were held at National Train Day Connecticut.  The video on the near right features Norman Garrick, on the far right Deputy Speaker David McCluskey

Audience photo:

Row 3: Mark Scott, former New Haven Alderwoman Erin Pascale Sturgis, Don Stacom (Hartford Courant)

Row 4: Mark Abraham, David Kooris, Jessica Kooris

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