Building Community Through Bicycling, Commuter and High-Speed Rail

Rail*Trains*Ecology*Cycling seeks to establish transcontinental high speed rail corridors from Jacksonville, FL to San Diego and Los Angeles, from Miami, FL to Montreal, Canada and from Boston, MA to Atlanta. With the passage of California’s Proposition 1A: Safe, Reliable High-Speed Passenger Train Bond Act for the 21st Century  on November 4, 2008 and President Obama’s commitment to the “development of high-speed rail networks across the country” now is time to put together Federal legislation that enables construction of national high speed rail corridors with American labor and American companies.  Translation: Retrain workers to enable Detroit & the rust belt to transform from a 20th century auto-centric manufacturing town to a 21st century high tech-green high-speed & commuter rail transportation manufacturing hub.

RailTEC advocates for double-tracking, signalization upgrades, grade separation projects and replacing drawbridges with high level bridges on existing rail corridors.  Single track rail service, at grade crossings & drawbridges reduce safety and significantly limit rail service potential.

Bio of Richard Stowe

Writer. Richard Stowe has had 4 opinion-editorials published in the Hartford Courant since May of 2001.  His commentaries have also appeared in the Philadelphia Inquirer, New Haven Register, Stamford Advocate, Greenwich Time, Danbury News-Times, New Britain Herald and San Francisco Examiner.  His Eco Man columns have appeared in the New Canaan Advertiser since March 2007.

Transportation Advocate.  Prior to founding Rail*Trains*Ecology*Cycling, Mr. Stowe advocated for returning rail to the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge and for upgrading single track railroad to at-grade double track through San Juan Capistrano, Dana Point and non-beachfront sections of San Clemente, California.  Mr. Stowe was appointed to the Connecticut Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Board in the fall of 2009.  

Environmentalist.  Mr. Stowe has served on the New Canaan Environmental Group (2004-) and Environmental Council of Stamford (1996-2002) board of directors. 

Cyclist.  In September 2008, Mr. Stowe bicycled from New Canaan, CT to Washington D.C. and back to New Canaan, which took 4 days in each way.  He raised $850 for Climate Ride and timed his ride to meet Climate Riders at a ‘climate rally’ on a lawn outside U.S. Capitol.  Mr. Stowe bicycled across the United States from South Beach to Santa Barbara.  He has ridden the stretches of the Pacific Coast from Cabo San Lucas to Ensenada and from San Diego to the Russian River in Sonoma County.  Mr. Stowe has never owned a car.                                

Richard Stowe may be contacted via e-mail: bike.rail.politics@gmail.com or by phone: (203) 966-4387

Bio of Jason Stockmann 

Mr. Stockmann wrote a 2008 Hartford Courant editorial advocating for bikes-on-trains at peak hours and bicycle parking on the Kawasaki Rail Car M-8 train cars ordered by Connecticut and New York.  He traveled to Hartford to testify in favor of bikes on train legislation in 2009.

Graduate Student.  Jason Stockmann is a graduate student at Yale University researching fast methods for magnetic resonance imaging. 

Sustainability advocate.  Mr. Stockmann supports public policy that encourages sustainability and promotes alternatives to fossil fuel dependence.  Mr. Stockmann was appointed to Elm City Cycling, New Haven’s cycling advocacy group in 2009 and the Connecticut Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Board in February 2010.

Bicyclist.  Mr. Stockmann sparingly uses his car and relies on his bicycle every day for commuting, grocery shopping, recreation and fitness.

Musician. Mr. Stockmann is an amateur pianist and classical music lover.

Jason Stockmann may be contacted via e-mail: bauhaus2@gmail.com or by phone: (315) 450-3309

Bio of David Marcus

Entrepreneur: David Marcus is founder, owner of Routefriend (http://routefriend.com).  Building on a background in Applied Mathematics and Physics, Mr. Marcus formed Routefriend with the mission to make bus and train travel easier through technology. 

Bicyclist. Growing up in Seattle area, David started bicycling 5 miles to his middle school.  This bicycle commute to school changed his life forever.  At age 13, he rode his first double-century (200 miles) and at age 15 bicycled across America.  More recently, Mr. Marcus has biked in countries as diverse as Jordan, Chile and Kosovo.

Infrastructurist critic.  In his extensive travels, Mr. Marcus has seen the best and worst of infrastructure.  His mission is to import the best ideas from around the world, for bicycle, pedestrian and transit infrastructure, and put them in practice in Connecticut.  In 2010 he formed the group Livable Norwalk (http://livablenorwalk.org) to promote a more walkable and bikeable Norwalk CT.

Family man.  Next month (June 2012), David is moving to San Francisco with his wife, Kirsten and daughters Zoey and Kaya.  Zoey loves to ride the bus.

David Marcus may be contacted via e-mail: davidmarcus@gmail.com or by phone: (203) 233-9940

Bio of Douglas Hausladen

Safe Streets Advocate: Mr. Hausladen is Co-Coordinator of New Haven Safe Streets Coalition, and CT Livable Streets Campaign, and pushed Yale University to create the new traffic safety subcommittee of the University’s Safety Committee.

Community Organizer: Mr. Hausladen was elected Chairman of the Downtown-Wooster Square Community Management Team in March of 2010.

Businessman: Doug Hausladen is in the employ of Elm Campus Partners, LLC, (a start-up property management firm specializing in serving New Haven’s non-profit communities), where he serves as commercial manager in charge of lease compliance, financial reporting and budgeting.

Mr. Hausladen is also an active member of the City of New Haven’s Cultural Affairs Commission and past member of the New Haven Blue Ribbon Budget Review Panel.

Mr. Hausladen is a Yale ’04 graduate with a BA in Molecular Biology and Biophysics.

Doug Hausladen may be contacted via e-mail: douglas.hausladen@gmail.com or by phone: (203) 676-8330

Bio of Aaron Goode

Environmental activist: Since 2006, Aaron Goode has on a wide array of boards and committees of environmental non-profits in New Haven with a focus on local food, sustainable transportation and environmental health.  Mr. Goode blogs about the environment and other public policy issues at www.myleftnutmeg.com.

In 2008, Mr. Goode joined the organizing committee of Connecticut Green Expo, one of the largest and longest-running sustainability fairs in the region.

In 2009 he became founding chairman of Southern Connecticut Tour Des Farms, a bike tour/fundraiser that celebrates local agriculture.

Mr. Goode was a founding member of Transition Greater New Haven, which became the 31st U.S. affiliate of the international Transition Town network.

Aaron is a member of the New Haven Bioregional Group and New Haven Environmental Justice Network steering committees and serves on the Board of Directors of the bicycle advocacy group, Elm City Cycling and the environmental foundation, Greater New Haven Green Fund.

Aaron Goode may be contacted via e-mail: aaron.goode@gmail.com or by phone: (510) 207-6310

Bio of Mike Norris

Mike Norris may be contacted via e-mail: michaelknorris@gmail.com or by phone: (603) 540-4861

About Rail*Trains*Ecology*Cycling

The meaning behind the name Rail*Trains*Ecology*Cycling is as follows: “Rail” represents high speed rail & rail freight; “Trains” stands for commuter and intercity trains; “Ecology” means environmental + sustainable, green design; “Cycling” = bicycling as transportation.

Hauling freight by rail has fewer adverse impacts than moving freight by truck; substituting automobile & air travel with commuter, regional & high speed rail reduces fuel consumption and carbon emissions and bicycling is an ideal mode in trips less than 3 miles.

Rail*Trains*Ecology*Cycling (RailTEC) is a group best known for its efforts to seek access & equity for cyclists on trains, commuter rail, Amtrak and future high speed rail. We are working with regional & statewide cycling groups to educate public officials about the benefits of bicycle parking on trains and undoing policies, which restrict access to commuter & Amtrak trains 24/7. 

RailTEC advocates for double-tracking, signalization upgrades, grade separation projects and replacing drawbridges with high level bridges on existing rail corridors.  Single track rail service, at grade crossings & drawbridges reduce safety and significantly limit rail service potential.

Hypnotic Brass Ensemble Live at Grand Central NYC Subway

January 20, 2009, the day of Obama’s Inauguration

Jason Stockmann, David Marcus and Richard Stowe at CCSU in New Britain before bicycling back to New Haven, CT (Saturday, November 12, 2010)  Jason, David, & Richard bicycled from New Haven to attend the Bike/Walk Summit

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